App Payoneer isa sirrii buufadhaa

Payoneer jechuun maali?
Payoneer waltajjii kaffaltii daldaltoonni herrega daldalaa osoo hin barbaachisin kaffaltii akka erguu fi fudhatan kan taasisudha. Payoneer Square ykn Stripe caalaa PayPal ykn Venmo wajjin wal fakkaata. Payoneer filannoo beekamaa freelancers, daldala idil-addunyaa fi fayyadamtoota iddoowwan gabaa daldala elektirooniksii kanneen akka Airbnb fi Upwork tiif.

Akkaataa Payoneer itti hojjetu

Payoneer waltajjii kaffaltii yoo ta’u, kaffaltii toora interneetii irratti daldala maamiltoota waliin walqunnamsiisudha.
Dhaabbileen daldalaa gaaffii kaffaltii kallattiin maamiltootaaf ergu. Sana booda maamiltoonni karaa herrega baankii ykn kaardii liqiitiin toora interneetii irratti kaffaluu danda’u. Payoneer kallattiin maamiltootaaf kaffaltii akka kaffaltu si hin hayyamu. Inumaayyuu daldaltoonni kaffaltii karaa waltajjii kanaa gaafachuun maamilchi kaffaltii akka jalqabu eegu.

Manage your business payments from the palm of your hand.

Payoneer is the leading cross-border payments platform for businesses. Our main mission? Streamline global commerce to empower businesses to go beyond. Millions of professionals use our platform every day to simplify their business payments.

What can you do with Payoneer?

Get paid by marketplaces, platforms, and clients
Receive payments from clients and marketplaces located all over the world. Get paid in popular global currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, and more, via Payoneer receiving accounts. Withdraw funds directly to your local bank account in over 150 countries and currencies or from an ATM using the Payoneer card.

Pay freelancers, service providers, suppliers, and contractors
Make international business payments to over 200 countries and skip the delays and costly hidden fees of wire transfers. Payoneer is the preferred payment method of millions of freelancers and businesses around the world.

Track your business payments every step of the way
Follow up on your previous incoming and outgoing payments and view your dashboard of balances in multiple currencies. Easily manage currencies with competitive conversion rates so you control the currencies you are holding and can pay your suppliers in their preferred currency.

Enjoy features designed with sellers in mind
Pay your VAT in multiple countries and receive working capital offers for your Amazon and Walmart stores. Instantly receive funds in your account to grow your business in any way you can imagine, then settle gradually without constricting your cash flow.

Do business confidently with Payoneer by your side
Our multilingual customer care team is available 24/7 in over 20 languages via phone, email, Live Chat, and social media. We’ll always do our best to make sure that your experience is a smooth one and whether you are making or receiving payments, we’re only a few clicks away to help when needed.

Why download the Payoneer app?

The Payoneer mobile app was designed to complement your web-based account, and it puts a snapshot of your business payments right in your pocket, so you can manage your global payments on the go.

Not using Payoneer yet? Join millions of professionals worldwide who are already using Payoneer to get paid quickly and securely! Visit our website to learn more or download the app now and sign up. Did we mention our app is available in over 20 languages?

If you made it this far, we think you are ready to take your business beyond. Let’s do it together.

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  • October 5, 2022 at 7:33 am

    Barumsa isaa youtube irraa nuf kahika

    • April 21, 2023 at 9:16 pm

      Isumaa fayyadaa male hormaa hin fayyaduu gaaruu oromoo keessa namni tokko fayyadamee jechuun gaariidhaa nus fayyadaa


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