Osoo mana suuraa hin deemiin salphaatti photo ajaa’iba of kaasuuf

Camera360 appii suuraa, viidiyoo, fi gulaaluu yoo ta’u, eenyuyyuu yoo taate oomisha dinqisiisaa fi mudaa hin qabne siif kennudha. Suuraa irratti dabaluudhaaf elementoota sochii qaamaa fi AR hammataman argachuu dandeessa. Kanuma waliin, gulaalaa badhaadhaa fi bal’aa fayyadamtoonni halluu fakkii karaa isaaniitiin akka murteessan gargaara. Akkasumas, suuraan sun suuraa ofii kee isa mudaa hin qabne arguuf waan si gargaaruuf suuraa irratti waa’ee ofii keetii yaadda’uu hin qabdu.

More about Camera360 – Selfie Photo Editor

Camera 360 is a perfect photo and selfie editing app for Android smartphones. This app works like a beauty camera with 300+ classic filters, and offers different collage styles, with loads of creative stickers. Camera 360 offers quick fixes to enhance your photos. Users can beautify their shots just with a few taps and the photo results are amazing.

Taking Selfies with Camera 360

Camera 360 simplifies taking selfies from your phone. Open the app take a selfie and start editing. The app recommends different filters just like Instagram. You can choose from Hot searches, New filters, and new trendy themes such as Halloween.

This feature works in the same way as filters while recommending stickers for your photos. It will provide you with all the latest and trendy stickers to adore and edit your photos and selfies.

The Challenge:

Share your photo creations with the world. Camera 360 will show you creations from people across the globe. People with the best and trendy selfies or gigs get the most likes from other users. You can add your creations to this section and get likes from other users.

Beauty Lab:

Using this feature of the Camera 360 will allow you to create PicStrip, Collages. The app will provide almost everything premade. You will just have to snap and adjust.

It’s a wonderful app for hassle-free photo editing time. You can add a lot of fun to plain old photos.

The free version has almost all the functions that you may need but you can also opt for a VIP subscription. VIP subscription will allow you to remove the ads and get the latest filters and stickers every day. The subscription fee is around 24 Dollars annually but the filters from different artists will make it worth it.

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