No one has done many things to succeed in life without trying. But he doesn’t give up, he tries and fails. What is striking and surprising is that the number of people who fail outnumbers the number of people who succeed. There are very few successful people in this world. There are more than thirty (30) factors that cause a person to fall. So let’s look at some of the thirty

  • Hereditary Mental Weakness- There are many people who are born with weak mental powers by nature. This comes from a parent, but with their support, they can succeed like anyone else. however, this is one of the thirty causes of failure that cannot be easily solved.
  • Lack of a Defined Purpose- A person who does not have a definite purpose or goal of the earth cannot succeed. It is very important to have a definite goal in our lives. Various studies have shown that 98% of the world has no known purpose. This is the main reason for the failure of our success.
  • Lack of Ambitious Motivation- A person who has no goal or plan to reach greater heights in his life has no hope of success. He is not determined to make the sacrifices that success requires.
  • Lack of Education- this is something that can be easily solved. As we have learned from life experience, these so-called educated people are those who learn from their lives. A person with a university education is not called an educated person because he has knowledge. An educated person is not someone who has a lot of knowledge but someone who has applied even a little knowledge and achieved practical results. Everyone was paid for what they did, not what they knew.
  • Lack of Self-Control- To be successful in your life, you need to be able to control your negative attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. To control the circumstances of your life, you must first control yourself. You need to be a master of yourself. This may seem difficult, but it is crucial to your life and needs to be addressed.

Unhealthy- a person cannot be successful unless he is healthy. many things that harm our health are things that we can easily control. The following are a few of these. Eating too much unhealthy foods, thinking negative thoughts, having too much sex on your side, not exercising properly, not having comfortable ventilation, and so on.

  • Maintaining Comfort- this is something that is often known to expose people’s lives to failure. It’s what most of us do. Many of us live in failure because we sit and wait for the right situation. This is absolutely wrong. Know that the world is changing at a rapid pace. Something new will come tomorrow. So make the situation yourself and don’t waste your time sitting there. Start where you are now with what you have. As you move forward, you will find the necessary things.
  • Increase Caution- a person who does not take advantage of opportunities takes what is left after others have finished. Too much caution ruins lives just as much as not being careful. Therefore, both should be evaluated equally.
  • Incorrect Career Choice – No one can be successful doing a job they do not like. A very crucial and important step in selling services is choosing a job that you enjoy and an employee you like.
  • Overspending – a person who spends too much money cannot succeed. Because his mind is always in fear of poverty. Develop savings habits. If you have money saved, you will sell it at a good price or use it when you need it. If you don’t have savings, you’ll be paid less to survive.
  • Success without effort- this is what happens when we inherit wealth.success without effort leads to failure. He understands how to taste success if he falls and gets up. Falling and getting up is a good experience for future life. A person who inherits success without experience will not live long, poverty is better than sudden wealth.

Not only that, these are among the factors that contribute to success and failure and it is very important to keep these in mind. When you know your weaknesses, you will strengthen them with the cooperation of others or eliminate them completely. Lack of self-knowledge leads to failure. A man who did not know himself well had applied for a permanent position.

The man performed admirably on the verbal question test. The manager of the company was happy and asked how much he would pay him, but the man could not give a definite idea of ​​how much he wanted. The leader told him that we will decide in a week based on your performance.

Therefore, when you are asked for your salary, you need to make sure that you deserve more than your current salary. Everyone needs more money. And it’s something that should happen. But you will need to figure out if I deserve the extra fee exactly.

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