Afaanota kamiyyuu salphaatti gara afaan Oromootti kan nuuf jijiruu

Afaan addunyaa kamiyyuu afaan barbaaddanitti hiikuu dubbachuu dandeessu. Appiin kun fayyidan isa guddaadha Sababiin isaas immoo afaan kamiyyuu salphaatti gara afaan keenya afaan Oromotti jijijjiiruuf kan isin dandeessisu App ajaa’iba ta’edha!

Appiin kun Appiwwan warra kan waliin waal fakkata keessattuu Google Translator wajjin kanaaf App isa sirrii ta’e link dhuma barrefama kana irra jiru tuquun buufafhaa. Haalli itti fayyadama isaas salphaa dha wan ta’eef hedduu itti gammadu.

Language translator for voice & text translation. Translate and dictionary app.

All Language Translate App is so simple for language learning & conversion. You can translate & speak any world language translate to your desired language. You can speak and translate all language with voice & text translator speech. The written content can be exchange from your native language. It provides high-quality translation and perfect for all langue chat conversations and text translator.
Translate all easy translator is communicated for translating from English to Hindi language, English to Arabic, English to German and English to French. You can easily to speak and translate all language by live speak and translate app.

This online world language traductor app allows you to copy, crop, and share notes simply from text to speak translation into all langue by using speak and voice translate app now.

All Language Translator app can translate & speak into more than 100 languages such as Spanish (Español), Latvian (Latviešu), Czech (Čeština), Italian (Italiano), Korean (한국어), and French (Français). No need human interpreter or any other kind of language interpretation now. AllLanguage Translate App has alltranslate: English to Spanish Arabic to Swedish English to Arabic English to German English to Russian English to Hindi English to Portuguese English to Chinese and many more languages You may also use language translator as a speak and translate app.

Voice and text translator app to translate algorithm is very easy to understand world all-languages translate and other camera and text translation phrases. This is the ultimate for all langue translator offline apps that pronounce multi-languages. All language voice translator & dictionary to find out the word reference and understand the meaning of the words one by one. You just open the all-language translator app and find out the meaning of any word which you want.

Camera Translator uses its lens translation system to capture and retrieve text from any board, notebook, or notes page to translate the required language immediately with the camera translator OCR.All.Language Translate App Text to voice text translator in any language. Camera translation can scan with OCR method. Real time translation camera translate the image instantly by just capture the photo.

All languages translator is the assisting tool for travelers and visitors of the whole world especially when you travel abroad and come into trouble understanding a foreign language. Don’t worry, just install this translation app. With this translator, you will find that there will be no communication difficulties between you and your foreign friends.

Features of language translator app:

• Simple translation app with a user-friendly interface.
• Translate sentences and text into the desired language instantly.
• Speak and translate voice notes with the voice translator app.
• Translate all language text or phrases with a real-time text translator.
• Language translator auto-extracts text and translate it to any language via an OCR text translator.
• English dictionary gives the meaning of any word along with word pronouncing feature.
• The translator app provides a list of famous quotes as well as useful idioms.
• Easily copy, paste, and delete the resulting text with one click.
• View the resulting translation on full screen.
• Share the resulting translation with your friends.

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