Hanga GB 1000 tola bilbila irratti fayyadamuuf

Wow hanga GB 1000 tolaan bilbila keessan irratti fayyadamuu kan isiin dandeessisu app haaraa kan bara kana 2022 bufadha itti fayyadama kuno free dha!

Amma duratti App tera box Gb 1024 qabachuu danda’u isiniin barsiisne akka turre ni beektu haa ta’uyyu malee har’aas kun App haaraa 1TB STORAGE secure cloud isin agarsiisu barbanne jira Sababiin isaas hedduu tokko itti fayyadamuuf namaaf salphaata akkasumas immoo file keessan offline fayyadamu akka dandeessan gochuu kan danda’udha! App kanatti fayyadamuuf Email qofti ga’adha al takka email keessaniin signup gonaan yeroo barbaadan kamittiyyuu bakka barbaadan teesanii file keessan Online danga tokko malee to’achuu ni dandeessu kan isin irraa eegamu Email fayila keessan argachuuf Email jalqaba ittiin signup gotaniin login gochu qofadha.

AAbout 1TB storage

Store and access files at anytime from anywhere with the cloud drive app.

Safe, secure and Reliable
Save files and enjoy free data backup of your sensitive and personal files with one of the most secure and private data storage apps out there. pick the files manually to preserve important data for future use.
Remote Data Storage
Access files from any time anywhere with the help of remote cloud storage app. No matter if you have forgotten to take your device along with you, you can always access the data by using the online storage app.
How to use 1TB Storage: Secure and fast cloud:
• Download and launch the app.
• Sync the app with your phone.
• Pick photos, text, data, videos and pictures Etc. For saving in cloud storage.
• Save data in free storage and manage files easily.
• You can share your files with your friends and family.
Features of 1000 GB Storage: Secure and fast cloud:
• Simple and easy UI/UX
• Safe and reliable free storage
• Data backup for your phone
• Complement your phone’s memory or memory card with extra data storage
• Streaming support for quick file uploading
• Supports all types of media and data files
• Manage files with just a few taps on the screen
• Cloud storage for unlimited, remote data access
• 100% safe and private data saving
• Multiple devices supported

Would you like to cut short the hassle of saving and managing files in your phone? Welcome convenience in your life by getting a 2-in-1 file manager and data backup app out there. Download and use 1TB Storage: Secure and fast cloud today!


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