Imo haaraa saffisa guddaan isiniif dalagu buufadhaa bayyee itti gammadu

imo haaraa beeksisa adda addaa irra bilisa ta’e fi saffisa ajaa’iba qabu bufadha fayyadamaa. Imon kun update kan ta’edha kanaa jechuun haaromsameera jechuu keenya fayyidaan isa isaas bayyeedha Fknf yeroo bilbila haasoftan addaan ciccitee isin hin rakkisu, beeksisoota hin barbachiifne amma ammaa fidee isin hin jeequu, suuraa video fi Text salphaatti saffisaan isiniif erguu danda’a kana qofa mitti waa hedduuf isin fayyada. Fkn system ibubble jedhamu kan amma dura messenger qofa irratti fayyadama turree kuno imo isa haaraa kana irrattis nuf gadhifame jira!

HUBACHIISA Yeroo imo isa haaraa kana silkii kessan irrati install gootan yoo akka tasaa install ta’u isin dide imo isaa duraan qabdan dukka waal wan hin gudhaneefidha waan ta’eef dirqama isan durii baleesuu qabdu saniin booddee imo isa haaraa kana salphaatti install gochuu ni dandeessu. Yaada qabdaa hundaa ykn rakkoon App kana waliin waal qabatuu yoo isin mudate komeenti irratti nuf barressu ni dandeessu isiniin jeena Galatomaa.

✔️International Calling Anywhere in the World: Make international calls to your friends & family for free! No extra charge to send international messages. Experience crystal clear & HD quality instant video calls to friends and family all around the world!👪

Why imo?
✔️Compatible with All Networks: Free and unlimited instant messages and audio or video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G* or Wi-Fi. Consistent & stable audio calls even with 2G network! Avoid SMS and phone call charges, no fees or subscription for every message or call.🆓

✔️Multimedia: Fast photo📷 and video sharing📹, you can also send and receive voice messages or documents of any type(.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, .PDF, etc.).

✔️Apps for All Devices: imo messenger is fully accessible from Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. You can see all your messages, calls and share other media directly from your desktop or Android tablet.

What is IMO Pro APK?

Imo is a free to use simple, and faster video calling and instant messaging app. With the help of this app, you will be able to send text or voice messages. Or you can video call with your friends and family pretty easily. The app also known for offering a stable performance even when the signal is pretty bad.

Moreover, the app also supports group video and audio chats. You can video chat with up to 20 members in real time. Or you can enjoy live talks with colleagues, friends, and families. Even with the help of IMO, you will be able to send large size videos or documents. The app is also compatible with all network types. And it offers you free and unlimited instant messages and audio or video calls.

Even with the help of this app, you will be able to make international calls to landlines or mobile phones. But this one is not really a free feature of the app. But yes, as we are sharing a mod apk which is a hacked version of the original app. As a result, you don’t have to pay any fees or buy any subscription to make international calls to landlines or mobile numbers.


  1. High quality voice and video calls
  2. Ability to send free messages without limitation in number via 3G, 4G and WiFi
  3. Ability to send emoticons
  4. Ability to create different groups
  5. Ability to find new friends
  6. Ability to quickly search the history of chats (History)
  7. Optimized for Android tablets

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