Intarneetii ykn Wifi malee Map tolaan offline karaa fayyadamtan

wow baga gammadan haala salphaan Wifi ykn data tokko malee map kan itti fayyadamu dandeessan App haaraa! Yeroo ammaa kkanatti akkuma beekamu google map dhala namaaf bu’aa guddaa kan buusaa jiruudha. Haa ta’uyyu malee Intarneetiitin yoo ta’e malee offline nuuf hin dalaguu Kanaaf furmaata ni ta’a jedhe kanaan yaadee App addunyaa guutummaatti wifi fi data malee hojatu barbaadudha garuu akka carraa ta’e kunoo argame jira maqan isa HERE WE GO jedhame waamama.

Hubachiisa Appiin kun pleystore irratti ni argama garuu namoota Ethiopia keessa jirtaniif install isiniif ta’u dhisuu ni da’a kanaaf as website keenya irraa bufadhaa isiniin jenna warri biyyoota kan bira keessa jirtan immoo qaxita plestore irraa bufadha jenna galatoma.

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Enjoy the journey

Welcome to the new HERE WeGo!

HERE WeGo is a free navigation app that guides local and global travelers on journeys both familiar and foreign. The app now has a fresh, new design and clearer, easier to use navigation.

Enjoy a more carefree journey and reach your destination effortlessly, however you need to get there. Get there on foot with easy-to-follow walk guidance. Take public transport in more than 1,900 cities around the world. Or use turn-by-turn voice guidance with accurate driving directions and go by car. You can even find parking at your destination and get guided directly to it.

Visit the same places often? Save them in a collection to stay organised and find them easier. Or use shortcuts to get directions to them in one click

Need to make an extra stop or want to go a specific way? Simply add waypoints to your routes and HERE WeGo guides you there.

Want to save your mobile data and stay on course even without an internet connection when travelling? Download a map of a region, country or continent and complete your journey while staying totally offline.

And what’s next

  • More ways to get around, such as bike and car-sharing
  • Services you can enjoy on the go, such as hotel booking and parking
  • A way to find places of common interest and organise trips with others
  • And much more!

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