Message namaa karaa salphaa hakii itti gootan

mobaayila namaa barbadan kamiyyuu salphaatti to’achuuf kan isin gargaruu app ajaa’iba message bilbila kamiyyuu gara kan keessanitti dabarsuuf gargaruu dha

Appiin kun message namaa mobaayila nama isiin to’achuu barbaadan irratti ergamu gara kan keessanitti dabarsuuf ni fayyada kana jechuun immoo fknf nama tokko message isa to’achuu kan dandeessan yoo ta’e FACEBOOK, whatsapp,imo,telegrama, fi SMS text to’achuu dandeessan jechudha sababa verification code’n achirratti ergamuuf jechuudha. APP ka playtore irra argachuu dandeessu sms forwarder jedhama Originally isa link dhuma barreeffama kana irratti argamu irraa bufachuu dandesssu!

SMS Forwarder and Management by rules

SMS forwarder can forward SMS messages to multiple targets,including email/web cloud/SMS/chrome extensions/telegrams etc.

If someone else has asked you to install SMS forwarder, be careful since he/she may be a fraud.

How to use this app?

  1. First, create a forwarding rule.
  2. Then, test your rule with simulated message in the app(In the rule list page).
  3. At last, you can send real SMS to test the rule.

Main Features:
1) support SMS listing by contact info
2) support view detail SMS message by conversation
3) support create rules to forward messages by keywords or source address.

Features of forward messages:
1) support to setup multiple rules to forward.

2) support forward SMS/MMS/Low battery alerts/… to SMS/web/email/telegram targets.

3) support complicated source number and keyword match conditions and so on.

4) support local cache or queue for failed-to-forward messages, and would retry to send it automatically. And you can setup the retry timeout.

5) support static or dynamic keyword replacement before forwarding, for example: the password content can be replaced by *, even if the password changes, you need not change the rule.

6) support to forward messages to google chrome, we supply a google chrome plugin to receive forwarded messages and display it in real time.

7) support cloud email forwarding , you don’t need to provide your SMTP server account and password to use email forwarding.

8) support to forward to Telegram bot, lanren sms forwarder has a Telegram bot named lanrensms_forwarder_bot,you can use it to receive your message.

9) support to set custom email forwarding template

10) support to set custom web forwarding api url, that is, you can specify the web forwarding url address, for example, you can setup an API to receive your forwarded messages.

Forward your SMS on multiple devices using email, phone number or telegram

Cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS — app that enable the user to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (such as between phone and laptop).

  • This is a free SMS Forwarder app that automatically transfers the SMS received on your phone to an email, phone number or Telegram .
  • Only takes 1 minute to complete the app setup.
  • No need to keep the app open.
  • As soon as the message is received, it will be forwarded to your contact detail.
  • This app will silently run in background so that you can focus on important things.
  • Advance Filter to add multiple receivers, senders, customize template and schedule.


  1. Forward SMS to a phone number as text message .
  2. Forward SMS to an email.
  3. Forward SMS to telegram contact.
  4. Messages received when internet was not available will be forwarded once internet is back.

It can also forward phone notifications:

  • Missed Call
  • Low Battery
  • Phone Shut Down
  • Phone Turned On

Who can use Forward SMS app:

  1. Have multiple phones but want to carry only one.
  2. Workspace restrictions to carry work phone only.
  3. Traveling to a different country.
  4. Creating a backup of your text messages on other phone or laptop.

Steps to use

Open the Forward SMS app.

Grant Permission for SMS and Contacts.

Create basic or advance filter and enter forwarding details.

Privacy descriptions:

  • This app needs SMS read/send permissions to forward message in real time.
  • This app would not use or save any of your messages or your contacts.

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