Suuraa kamiyyuu kan dullome fi gurracha’ee kan isiniif sirreesu

suuraa kan dullome qabdu? Ykn kan qulqullina hin qabne fi kan gurracha’ee salphumatti bareechuuf qulqulleessuu kan isin dandeessisu app ajaa’iba filannoo 9 ol qabu kana fayyadamaa!

Appiin kun Face Restore jedhama playstore irraa buufachuu i dandeessu free dha! Itti fayyadamni isa salphaa dha. Fuula keessan hedduu isiniif ni bareecha kan buggurri qabus ni qulqulleessa! Link isa dhuma barreeffama kana irratti ni argatu.

Face Restore is an AI-powered old black and white (B&W) photo restoration app. It does full image colorization with vivid colors. It also does scratch removal, meaning, if your photo/image has any scratches or tears, the app will automatically detect them and repair/restore the photo.

Face Restore does this in a very unique way, it adds missing information, especially in the face. For example, if a face in the image has a missing ear, the Face Restore AI will fill that missing information and create a new ear by drawing in a photo-realistic manner. That is to say, it is the most sophisticated scratch removing app at the moment. In addition to that, it also specializes in image enhancement, more specifically, its facial enhancement restoration AI is state of the art. It’s the most accurate face restoration/colorization photo editing app – the results will amaze you.


  1. Upload a B&W/BLURRED/DAMAGED photo from your camera roll
  2. Healing phase: Here, a single tap automatically restores your (blurred/old/scratched/damaged) photo. It will remove scratches, enhance and heal the face as well as super resolution the full image. Improving it tremendously. During this phase you also have an option to auto white balance your photo, which would make the colors in the photo appear more natural. If the image was blurred, well now it’s deblurred.
  3. Colorization phase: A single tap here would restore the photos colors. It can colorize a B&W image or recolorize an already (poorly) colored image. Here you also have the option to make use of our state of the art facial colorization A.I. which would make any old photo look like it was taken today. Here auto white balancing always occurs.
  4. All done – You can now save the image to save it to your gallery and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or to your friends & family.
  5. Keep the app on your phone to stay updated as this app is under development and is constantly getting new cool features & filters for photo editing & restoration.

Old black and white photo to a new colorized photo editor:
Photo restoration, or picture restoration, is a time consuming and costly process which often results in undesirable outputs. This photo editing restoration app solves all of this by restoring it for you. Using state of the art AI, you are now able to accomplish what used to take teams of image specialist days to do, in just seconds. Try it out and have lots of fun restoring memories. Surprise your family members and relatives with restored super resolutions pictures that you can print out or share on social media. Reminify but with scratch removal and colorization.

History meets future:
Many old photos are ruined by scratches or stains. This is no surprise, because old photos were taken with old cameras. There is no way to make such a photo look new again – or is it? Yes, using Face Restore you can do this. The Sansa team loves restoring historic pictures and that’s why we developed Face Restore, a photo editor app that makes old pictures look new again.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this may be true, but we look at it differently. At Sansa, we say some pictures might be invaluable, this is because you can’t go back in time and take that photo again. That’s why Face Restore exists, we give our users the chance to restore a photo that may have enormous sentimental value. The happiness of restoring a 100 year old photo is immense, especially when you have a certain emotional attachment to that photo. Download and try it out.

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